As an investment group, US Brainworks Group Inc. has positioned its expertise on a corporate venture capital.

The company has both initiatives and investments in the fields of marketing, searching, R&D, product development, technology, production, retail, new generation of online enterprise.

For the purpose of becoming an internationally sustainable player,
US Brainworks Group Inc. focuses on a profitable growth in Turkey.

In the face of turkish economic fluctuations, US Brainworks Group Inc. aims to grow steadily for the purpose of creating a superior value for all stakeholders.

US Brainworks Group Inc. is a global player with the goal of achieving the success, has achieved in its country, in the world by taking the aim of compliance and continuous development in all its activities in international standards.

US Brainworks Group Inc. aims to be a "symbol of continuity" with its country, customers, partners, suppliers, authors and employees by providing value to the national economy and ecosystem with the increasement of its power and capital.