Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The person using this website (the "Site") at www.usbrainworks.com.tr agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions by accessing or using the Site. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you must close the Site or stop using the Site immediately.

www.usbrainworks.com.tr may make any changes to these Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use” or “Terms”) at any time and these changes shall take effect immediately upon being posted on the Site. You are hereby agreeing to periodically review the Terms in order to be aware of these changes. Your continued access to, or continued use of, the Site will be deemed to be your final acceptance of the modified Terms.

1. Terms of Use of the Site

By using this Site, the User agrees and undertakes that the information he has shared with the Site belongs to him or that he is expressly and legally authorized to share this information.

A natural person who uses the Site on behalf of the legal entity undertakes that it has the authority to represent the related legal entity for the transactions to be performed within the scope of the services provided by the Site. If it is determined that an user possesses no authority for representation, the concerned real person accepts and undertakes that he/she is personally responsible for all obligations that have arisen or will arise.

The beneficiaries of the services offered by the Site and the users of the Site accept and undertake to use the Site solely for lawful purposes, and that their legal and penal responsibilities in every transaction and action they perform within the Site belong to them. The Site is not responsible under any conditions for any direct or indirect damages that have incurred or may incur on third parties or the Site due to unlawful activities of Users on the Site.

Any institution, brand, works, service information or any other information contained within the database of the Site or available on the Site cannot be copied, transferred to other databases or made available to the access of third parties through any such database, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the Site.

Any content, including information contained in the Site, may not be copied, modified or used for any other purpose, manually or automatically, by the user or any third party.

The services provided on the Site shall be fulfilled in accordance with the terms set forth herein and the conditions contained in other agreements that may be signed with the User. In order to provide the services, the Site establishes and operates a number of technological infrastructures but this does not imply an unlimited and complete service commitment. The Site may stop or terminate its services and technological infrastructure at any time without notice.

The Site may control messages and contents that are contrary to its operation, the law, rights of others, contract conditions or general rules of ethics and remove them from access at any time through any method.

In order to gather information about advertisements based on the past visits of the Users to the Site and to optimize and publish these advertisements, the Site and third party providers including Google employ first-party and third party Cookies.

The Users agree and undertake that under certain circumstances in which the Site must make declarations to authorities due to the legislation in effect, the Site shall be authorized to declare confidential/private/commercial information that the Users have shared with the Site if the authorities demand such information in due form and that the Users shall not have the right to demand indemnities due to this reason under any circumstances.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All rights of the Site belong to US Brainworks AŞ. US Brainworks AŞ is the holder of intellectual or industrial property rights or related licenses in regards to all materials ("Materials") within this Site and its mobile application, including information, images and brands, the www.usbrainworks.com.tr domain name, the logos and icons, technical information provided in electronic, graphical or machine-readable formats, computer software, the sales system in use, the business model and general appearance and design of the Site and its mobile application and all of these Materials are under legal protection. No material on the Site, including code and software, may be altered, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, installed on another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed without prior permission and without reference to the source. Some parts or the entirety of the website may not be used on another website without permission. The actions to the contrary shall cause legal and criminal liability. US Brainworks AŞ reserves all other rights not expressly stated herein.

3. Other Provisions

In case of any disputes arising from these Terms of Use, the Parties agree, declare and undertake that the books and records, computer records, electronic and system records, commercial records, fax messages, instant messaging application correspondences, emails, and social media correspondences that the Parties keep shall be deemed as binding, final, exclusive and material evidence and that these have been agreed upon to serve as evidential contract.

İzmir (Bayraklı) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in case of any dispute arising from these Terms of Use.