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1. The Site conducts its activities at the address of Site; Kültür Mah. İtalyan Sokak, No: 1 D: 2 Alsancak, İzmir.

2. Users and companies agree that the information and content they enter on the site is not private or confidential. US Brainworks AŞ reserves the right to use the information and content entered to public domains.

3. In return for services it provides, US Brainworks AŞ issues invoices for items that generate revenue.

4. According to Turkish tax system and its applications, there may be some circumstances under which the Users shall be required to pay taxes for the transactions that they have carried out on is not responsible for this and any other similar situations. All tax liabilities that may arise are the responsibility of companies and users.

5. US Brainworks AŞ reserves the right to remove any users or companies it deems necessary from the system without any need for prior notice.

6. US Brainworks AŞ is not responsible for any problems or errors that may occur on the site due to technical failures.